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workshop vulcano 2022

"science, nature & sound"

18th - 24th september

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Aims & Scope of the workshop

  • Meet with experts and get first-hand knowledge. Every day there will be lectures given by marine biologists working on plastic pollution, marine ecology, soundscape and bioacoustics, and more

  • “Learning by doing”. Join experts in the sea for a guided snorkeling tour, walk the beach, or field lab for microplastic studies/analysis & explore the world of environmental sounds and turn them into art, hike up the caldera of the volcano and actively apply what you have learned

  • Record, listen and study the sounds of the environment and try to transform the results into scientific research

  • Get in touch with local NGOs and marine protective organizations to see and learn firsthand what is being done on the Islands to protect the environment

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Aeolian Islands, a UNESCO world heritage

  • Share with us one week of studies, brainstorming, fun activities, and exchange of knowledge

Requirements for participation

  • There are no requirements needed! 

  • The workshop is addressed to everyone who is interested!

meet with the experts


Dr. Roman Lehner

Expert in micro-/nanoplastics and their impact on human health, co-founder of the Sail & Explore Association & workshop leader



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Dr. valentina sciutteri 

Expert in studying the effect of climate change on the oceans and hydrothermal underwater vents & workshop leader



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dr. francesco caruso

Expert in environmental acoustic monitoring, researcher at SZN and co-founder of eConscience - Art of Soundscape



Workshop talks/lectures

The lectures given by the experts will include:

  • Fundamentals in marine ecology and the different habitats

  • The diversity and importance of plankton

  • What are hydrothermal underwater vents?

  • What is "Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)"

  • Bioacoustics & Ecoacoustics 

  • Marine Mammal Ecology and Conservation

  • Micro-/nanoplastics and their impact on the environment

  • Bioplastics – What are they and how do they behave in the aquatic environment

  • ...

Workshop practical activities

The lectures will be accompanied by practical activities taking place in the afternoons and led by our experts. The activities will include:

  • Exploration of marine habitats while snorkeling (underwater hydrothermal vents, Vulcano/Panarea)

  • Discovery of marine and terrestrial soundscapes, through a mixture of science and art

  • Exploration of the littoral

  • Plankton and microplastic sampling & studying following international protocols

  • Estimation of your plastic footprint

  • ....

workshop costs

The costs for participating in the workshop including accommodation & board (breakfast, lunch & dinner) are as follow :

For non-students 

For students 

CHF 850.- / EUR 830.-

CHF 650.- / EUR 630.-

workshop PARTNER

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