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workshop elba 2022

"Plastic at sea, solutions on the island"

marine ecology & plastic pollution

12th - 18th June

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Aims & Scope of the workshop

  • Meet with experts and get first-hand knowledge. Every day there will be lectures given by marine biologists working on plastic pollution, marine ecology, waste management, and more

  • “Learning by doing”. Join experts into the sea for a guided snorkeling tour, walk the beach, or field lab for microplastic studies & analysis and actively apply what you have learned

  • Take part in the development of a strategy/action plan and a baseline assessment on how to reduce plastic littering/use on the island of Elba 

  • Get in touch with the local authorities to encourage innovation, improve waste infrastructure and make them pledge to no plastic in Nature on the island

  • Enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea on an island in the Tuscan archipelago

  • Share with us one week of studies, brainstorming, fun activities, and exchange of knowledge

Requirements for participation

  • There are no requirements needed! 

  • The workshop is addressed to everyone who is interested!

meet with the experts


Dr. Roman Lehner

Expert in micro-/nanoplastics and their impact on human health, co-founder of the Sail & Explore Association & workshop leader


MSc Johanna Wiedling 

Expert in  marine ecology & biodegradable plastics, Sail & Explore expedition leader & workshop leader


Dr. Silvia Galafassi 

Expert in the isolation of microplastic from different compartments (water and biota) and in the characterization of the microbial communities that adhere to it


Dr. Tosca Ballerini

Expert in marine biology, scientific communication & Citizen Science/NGO work


Dr. Valentina Costa

Expert in biodiversity and ecology of marine ecosystems with a focus on seagrass

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Dr. Martina Capriotti

Expert in eco-physiology of marine filter-feeders with a focus on the effects of endocrine disruptors

Workshop talks/lectures

The lectures given by the experts will include:

  • Fundamentals in marine ecology and the different habitats

  • The diversity and importance of plankton

  • Posidonia – Why seagrasses are important

  • Micro-/nanoplastics and their impact on the environment

  • Bioplastics – What are they and how do they behave in the aquatic environment

  • Global / European / Italian laws on plastic waste; actions that can be taken at the municipal level to reduce single-use plastics. Extended producer's responsibility, deposit return systems

  • ...

Workshop practical activities

The lectures will be accompanied by practical activities taking place in the afternoons and led by our experts. The activities will include:

  • Scientific microplastic beach sampling at the shoreline/beach 

  • Exploration of marine habitats (Posidonia) while snorkeling

  • Exploration of the littoral

  • Plankton and microplastic sampling & studying following international protocols

  • Estimation of your plastic footprint

workshop costs

The costs for participating in the workshop including accommodation & board (breakfast, lunch) are as follow :

For non-students 

For students 

Italian participants

CHF 550.- / EUR 530.-

CHF 450.- / EUR 430.-

EUR 350.-

Your travel costs to Elba and back home will be fully covered by our partner Movetia (car or / and train and ferry)

workshop PARTNER

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