Plastic pollution has become one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans. The Sail and Explore Association is conducting sailing expeditions with citizen scientists to collect data to gain a better understanding on the type, quantity and composition of ocean plastics. In addition, we support local organi-zations and sensitize and educate people about global microplastic pollution. We want to play an active role in contributing to a solution to this critical problem.


Expeditions 2020


LEG 1: 14.-20.MARCH

LEG 2: 21.-27.MARCH

The Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest coral reef system and biggest single structure made by living organisms gives home to over 1,500 species of fish, abundant marine life and over 200 types of birds.


Come learn to sail, research microplastics pollution with international scientists and explore the sites the Whitsundays have to offer!

The aim of this expedition is to get an understanding of microplastics in Australia's largest network of marine protected areas. How strongly is the Barrier Reef polluted with microplastics? Together with scientists from the University of Newcastle we will conduct the very first microplastic survey around the Whitsunday islands.




LEG 1: 23.-29.May

Leg 2: 30.may-05.June

The Mediterranean basin is a hotspot for marine biodiversity and it is considered a sensitive ecosystem exposed to tourism activities, maritime routes and urbanized coastal areas which can increase marine debris. 

This expedition will give insight into the amount of microplastics found in the most southern area of the Thyrrenian Sea. We will take for the very first time microplastic surface samples around the Aeolien islands and connect the data with existing data from fish samples taken by the marine scientists from the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn.



Leg 1:  15.-21.August

Leg 2: 22.-28.August

The Azores are a remote group of islands in the Atlantic at the very edge of the North Atlantic Gyre.

This expedition will be the second of its kind and a follow up expedition to our last years expedition, which was the first one ever that has been conducted in the Azores,  allowing us to predict and monitor the amount of microplastics in this remote area.

In order to obtain the most accurate picture possible, detailed data on the quantity and composition of the materials found there is needed. 

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