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"Plastic at sea, solutions on the island"

marine ecology & plastic pollution

25th june - 1st July 2023

We are going to initiate Phase II of our workshop strategy: Project elaboration and testing on the island of Elba. During the week of our workshop we are elaborating in small groups under the supervision of our experts on 4-5 different projects. All projects have the potential to implement a change or act as a solution to the plastic problem in the longterm. The program also includes daily lectures on plastic pollution, marine ecology and solution oriented approaches.

During the week you will learn in international and intercultural small groups how to become a hands-on solution creator, how to actively interact with stakeholders, local businesses / authorities, citizens and tourists. Take the chance to share with us one week of studies, brainstorming and exchange of knowledge. Learn to appreciate the beauty of nature on the island of Elba and how to protect it

Phase I: Baseline assessment development

Phase II: Project elaboration and testing

Phase III: Project up-scaling and adaption 

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Our Experts


Dr. Roman Lehner

Expert in plastic pollution and human health, co-founder of the Sail & Explore Association & workshop leader


MSc Johanna Wiedling 

Expert in  marine ecology & biodegradable plastics, Sail & Explore expedition and workshop leader


Dr. giuseppe suaria 

Expert in marine ecology, plastic pollution. polar explorer, research scientist and sailor 


Marta Musso

Expert in marine biology, illustrator working on ocean literacy, science communication and outreach with a special focus on plankton

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Franco borgogno

Expert on plastic pollution throughout the entire water cycle: from the Arctic to the top of the Alps via Med sea and rivers


DR. Matteo baini

Expert in ecotoxicology of marine organisms with a focus on emerging contaminants

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dr. martina capriotti

Expert in microplastics and chemical contaminants (endocrine disruptors). Worked in eco-physiology of marine filter-feeders. Aquatic Rescuer and rescue swimming trainer

Requirements for participation

  • There are no requirements needed! 

  • The workshop is addressed to everyone who is interested!

Take action and become part in possible solutions for an impact oriented project! 

To get more information about the workshop and to register click on the "MORE INFO" button and send us an email to get in touch with us.

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